TCM/TOC Transition Care Management System

Our Transitional Care Management monitoring system supports clinics in billing insurance at a higher rate, improving revenue streams. Our expertise also includes providing cutting-edge BI software solutions with a focus on custom database application development, as well as desktop and server-client applications across various platforms. Partner with us to elevate your healthcare services and optimize your operations.

Key Features

EHR Integration

Accurate Billing Process

Clear and concise communication

48 hours – 2 attempt tracking

Workflow prioritization

Non-face to face assessment and documentation

7, 14, 21, 28 Days Assessment

NSOC/TCM Workflow

How It Works

Different modules of navigation.

  • NSOC, TOC, TCM, Appointment, Order/Referral are the different modules available in TCM.
  • Each module has different functionality to make the monitoring process easy and efficient.

Detailed billing and Assessment email log with filter

  • A detailed bill with description of Appointment and its outcome.
  • A grid to view the appointment details.
  • Easy filter to check for the relevant appointment.


  • Conduct a follow-up visit within 7, 14, 21 and 28 days of discharge, depending on the complexity of medical decision making involved.
  • The face-to-face visit is part of the TCM service and should not be reported separately.


  • Contact the beneficiary or caregiver within two business days following a discharge. The contact may be via telephone, email, or a face-to-face visit.
  • Attempts to communicate should continue after the first two attempts in the required business days until successful.
  • Assist in scheduling follow-up visits with providers and services

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We interact with different EHR systems, Practice Management system, Radiology information system with HL7, FHIR, Redox Engine etc.