ORM - Clinical Order Referral Management System

Experience seamless order and referral management with our cutting-edge digitization solution. By securely transmitting patient health information, our innovative platform revolutionizes the way referrals, prescription fulfillment, and compliance are handled. With our tool, healthcare providers can effortlessly connect patients with the necessary care they require, eliminating hours of error-prone scanning and cumbersome paperwork.Integration with other Electronic Health Record (EHR) and backend solutions is seamless, enabling seamless management and scheduling. Elevate your healthcare operations today with our product, offering a new era of digitized order and referral management for optimized patient care.

Key Features

Manage Referral Cycle

Pre-Auth Checks

Availability of Facility

EHR Integration

Right match


Timely reminders

Proactive interactions and follow up.

Stops revenue leakage

How It Works

Descriptive Dashboard

  • Detailed and descriptive dashboard
  • Charts and graphs showing Referral figure
  • Table showing Incoming and Outgoing Provider

Prioritize patient referral

  • Reduce backlog
  • Reduce delays in care delivery by prioritizing patients based on urgency and case complexity.

Patient tracking

  • Scalable digital referral workflow
  • Clean, organized and customizable workflows
  • History tracking.
  • Different navigation for different status.

Easy Appointment and schedule.

  • Easy and clean stages for better functioning of workflow.
  • Different navigation and stage for appointment and scheduling.

Providers with various filters.

  • Can filter the providers related to Affiliation, specialty, location and using many different filters.
  • Can check the provider by their incoming and outgoing referral.

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We interact with different EHR systems, Practice Management system, Radiology information system with HL7, FHIR, Redox Engine etc.

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