Disease Group

Our healthcare approach empowers patients to effectively manage chronic illnesses, reducing treatment costs. We provide tools and guidance to collaborate with healthcare providers, enabling disease management and complication prevention. Our system continuously evaluates health status, measuring outcomes for improved care and patient well-being. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive and patient-centric healthcare solution.

Key Features

Provider-patient relationship

Continuously evaluates health status

Plan of care

Appropriate consultation

How It Works

Useful functionality buttons.

  • Reopen, Reschedule, edit order, undo buttons are some the functionality buttons added on the workflow.
  • These functionality buttons are used efficiently for different stages of navigation.

Well defined stages.

  • Navigation pane with grid defines the detail of patient.
  • Stages are easy to know the status of the workflow.

Tracking of stages and monitoring system

  • Different stages can be tracked using a tab in the workflow.
  • History shows the different stages through which the order has gone through.
  • Helpful for the tracking of patient journey.
  • Routine reporting and feedback loops that include patients and providers.

Process and outcomes measurement and evaluation

  • Optimize patient care through prevention and proactive interventions
  • Continuously evaluates health status

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We interact with different EHR systems, Practice Management system, Radiology information system with HL7, FHIR, Redox Engine etc.