Imaging Referral

Imaging referral helps to maintain and manage patients follow-up. Pending, In progress and complete follow up are shown in as different navigation which makes it easy for the user to check the different follow up. A neat account workflow describing the patients details, its disease group and follow up calls. History tracking is available to track the stages of follow up. Tools to authorize the user is also there. Defined and clear grid showing the different details of the account.

Key Features

Clinical evaluation

Imaging test or procedures

How It Works

Detailed workflow.

  • Workflow showing different sections of patients account.
  • Detail description showcased of patient and related disease.
  • Follow up sections available.

Checks the eligibility for follow up.

  • Its workflow shows the details of the eligibility criteria and category foe follow up of patients.
  • Follow up eligibility section is disabled and enabled according to the status and stage of the patient.

Easy generation of order/referral

  • User can generate order / referral from the workflow in some easy steps.

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We interact with different EHR systems, Practice Management system, Radiology information system with HL7, FHIR, Redox Engine etc.